bottiglia bixbi

Today we will tell you about our blend of syrah and sangiovese and why it’s called Bixbi.

Bixbi is the last of the wines to enter our product line, but it has already gained the favor of many among Terradonnà aficionados.

Originally born in 2013 for a very particular purpose, to combine a red wine with fish dishes typical of the Tuscan coast. After many experiments we have reached the balance we were looking for: a very delicate first impact on the tongue given by the Sangiovese cherry that opens the taste buds to the taste of fish and subsequently, the spicy finish of the Syrah will come forward to counteract the spiciness typical of soups of fish from the coast.

The Bixbi label takes its cue from these two explosions of flavor which, as perceived at different times, allow the characteristics of the two wines that make up the blend to be clearly distinguished.

But let’s get to the heart of the article: why call it Bixbi? Like almost all of our wines, the name derives from a mineral: Bixbite.

This very rare mineral better known as “red beryl” is a very rare variety of mineral beryl which takes on different colors based on the substances present in the crystal lattice. The best known variants are Emerald and Aquamarine. Bixbite takes its proper name of red emerald and is considered the rarest gem in the world.

The name of the wine falls on this stone due to the identifiable parallelism with Bixbite gem.

Just as, thinking of emeralds, we imagine a series of green stones and among them the red variant, the bixbite; so among the wines to be paired with fish dishes, among the white wines “the red variant”, the Bixbi.

So that’s why it’s called Bixbi.

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