New Vintages available for purchase

We are pleased to inform you that the new vintages of BIXBI, OKENIO and PRASIO are available for purchase.

Our company is happy to announce the release of the new vintages of BIXBI 2019, OKENIO 2017 and PRASIO 2018. According to your tastes, you can choose which one to buy and enjoy these magnificent wines with friends and family.

You can choose between a young and fresh wine like the BIXBI, in which you will find the characteristics that have made it famous: delicacy, immediacy and elegance.

Or PRASIO, a more complex but at the same time very elegant wine, which has managed to amaze both us and critics with its rich and full-bodied character.                                                                                                                                   

And finally the OKENIO, considered the commander of the Terradonnà winery. It is a wine with a remarkable structure that stands out for its quality, especially for this vintage which was one of the most difficult and particular but whose result is truly incredible.

So the new Vintages are available for purchase, don’t miss out!


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